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At UGLOW, we believe that the best haircare comes straight from nature. Inspired by the lush botanical landscapes around us, we've crafted a range of luxurious haircare products that harness the power of plants to nourish, strengthen, and beautify your hair.


Batana oil is a natural product that has been a long-standing secret for many years. It is known for promoting hair growth, reducing hair loss, making hair stronger and thicker, and improving scalp health.


To use, warm a few drops of batana oil in your hands and gently massage your hair and scalp for 10 minutes. You can apply it as a pre-shower treatment, leaving it on the hair for an hour before washing, or leave it on overnight for a more intensive treatment.


Those who are familiar with raw batana oil appreciate its rich brown color and distinct earthy scent, reminiscent of burnt coffee, which indicates its purity. To enhance its appeal, we have gently infused it with a natural aroma, while ensuring that it remains authentic and pleasant to use.


UNMASK batana oil for hair growth is designed to work effectively for all hair types, whether you have straight, wavy, or coily hair. It is a versatile addition to your hair care routine, offering benefits that go beyond promoting hair growth. It also enhances the shine of your hair, giving it a vibrant and luscious appearance.

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The smell is amazing - almost like coffee. I left it on my hair for about 20 minutes and my hair is super soft today. I’ll definitely be using this consistently to help with growth and overall hair health.

Sandra's Artbox

This batana hair oil is more like a hair masque, easy to apply, lovely smell and noticeable results. I’ve used several times and feel that it has made my hair stronger and healthier. I applied after washing and towel drying, massaged a small amount into my scalp through ends and covered with a plastic shower cap for 60 minutes before rinsing. I will continue using!

Ellen Amami

This stuff is amazing smell so good not greasy or heavy on the hair. I have overly treated hair which has a lot of breakage and dryness. I apply this prior to washing my hair leave in for about 30 minutes then wash and continue my regular hair routine and I must say it leaves my hair so healthy and soft one of my favorite products.

Nicole Jones

I love this batana oil. It smells yummy! It's so moisturizing but not greasy. It has worked so well on my hair to tame the frizzies. I live in Florida and always battling the humidity. My hair poofs out so badly. I started using this and my hair looks 100 percent better all over but especially the ends. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Christine Kenney

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Los Angeles, CA


I have fine hair but as I have gotten older I have noticed it thinning in some areas. I grabbed a good few fingers full and rub my hands together with it and apply to the roots and rub what I have left through my hair. I do this in the morning where I can leave it in all day and wash at night. By nighttime, it's mostly absorbed! It has a very pleasant smell, like a mixture of coffee and bananas! After a week of use I have noticed my thinner areas appearing with new growth! I have horses and have even started using it on my Thoroughbred's tail and I had already grown by 3 inches in 3 weeks! Just so crazy!

Vicky Roma

Right off, I notice differences between this and the liquid (fractionated) one I have - especially the smell. This one has more of a strong coffee scent & the other is more tropical and pleasant. Both fade.PRO:The texture of this feels good, and I can use it on the dry patches of psoriasis on my feet. It seems to be keeping the area moisturized.CON:This is the 2nd kind I've tried, and I won't be able to use it on my hair because it burns and itches my scalp. I had it on for just about 3 or 4 minutes getting ready to shampoo and had to wash it out earlier.

Meilani Dora