UGlow® 6-in-1 Therapy High Frequency Wand
UGlow® 6-in-1 Therapy High Frequency Wand
UGlow® 6-in-1 Therapy High Frequency Wand
UGlow® 6-in-1 Therapy High Frequency Wand
UGlow® 6-in-1 Therapy High Frequency Wand

UGlow® 6-in-1 Therapy High Frequency Wand

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☀️ Originally invented by Nikola Tesla!
☀️ Visible results in just 7 Days
☀️ Pain-free & effective Therapy 
☀️ Quick 10-minute treatments

If you use the UGlow® Clinical Skin Therapy Wand for 30 days and do not see improvement within a month, we will provide a full refund.


Premium At Home Skincare Technology

Experience visible results in just 7 days with the UGlow® Clinical Skin Therapy Wand, a revolutionary skincare breakthrough.

Meticulously designed, our advanced device harnesses the power of neon for rejuvenating facial treatments. Expertly crafted to target fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and improve hair health by promoting blood circulation for smoother, healthier-looking skin.

High tech beauty tool, backed by science.

Certified Revival
*The images displayed originate from a UGlow® clinical trial.*

∙ 78% saw smoother skin*
∙ 80% said their face looked firmer*
∙ 82% said their face looked more toned*

UGlow® High Frequency Wand Benefits

Prevent Hair Loss and Stimulate New Hair Growth

UGlow Wand helps with hair growth through its high-frequency treatment, which improves blood circulation and stimulates hair follicles. This process can enhance hair health, reduce hair loss, and promote thicker, fuller hair growth.

Reduce Bumps & Acne

Improve skin clarity, reduce bumps and acne, and promote a healthier complexion by enhancing blood circulation.

Safe & Non-Invasive Treatment

Neon-powered is a non-invasive and safe method for skin rejuvenation which carries no adverse effects.

Treat Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Stimulate your collagen production with red light therapy and reduce your fine lines and wrinkles.

The Better Choice

Us vs less effective & expensive facial treatments.

6 Fusion Neon + Clear Skin – Anti Aging - Clarifying - Skin Tightening - Radiance - Wrinkle Reducing &Hair Growth


The UGlow® High Frequency Wand is an innovative beauty tool designed to address a variety of skincare needs.

Utilizing advanced technology, it provides targeted solutions for fine lines, wrinkles, and reducing bumps and acne.

Additionally, it enhances hair health by promoting circulation and stimulating follicles. With gentle massage and stimulation, it encourages collagen production and skin rejuvenation, unveiling a refreshed and revitalized complexion.