Smart Eye Massager
Smart Eye Massager
Smart Eye Massager
Smart Eye Massager
Smart Eye Massager
Smart Eye Massager
Smart Eye Massager

Smart Eye Massager

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Intelligent Airbag Vibration Eye Massager

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Relief with Warm Soothing Technology

  • A constant warm compress (104℉±1.8℉) can improve eye circulation and to reduce eye fatigue, dark circles, helpful for dry eyes.
  • A constant cold compress (67℉±1.8℉) can be a safe and effective way to relieve puffiness, pinkeye, eye pain, migraines and eye strains.
  • A newly updated cooling eye massager with music designed to care for your eyes.
  • A combination of massage techniques that massage eye, face and temples with air compression.
Eye massager for migraines

Unique Cooling & Heat Alternative Features

  • Eye Massager for Migraines: This eye massager features with a unique smart cold and heat compress alternative function.
  • Heating and cooling by semiconductors and it adopts thermoelectric effect technology ( known as Peltier effect). Whether it cold or hot, and how quickly it cooling and heating, depends on the direction and magnitude of the current passing through it.
  • Massage eyes and temples with comfortable compression across forehead and face making it an ideal eye relief and relaxation eye massager to care for your healthy eyes and enjoy the ultimate relaxations.
  • Note : When heated eye massager cools, heat is generated inside the device, so after turn off the eye massager the device still runs the built-in fans about 60 seconds to dissipate heat for safety protection.
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Eye massager

Massage Key Pressure Points and Maximize Eye Health

  • Massage Key pressure points: Zan Zhu point, Si Zhu Kong point, Cheng Qi point, Yang Bai point, Yu Yao point, Qingming Point and Temple.
  • Eye massager provides comfortable circumferential air compression, the air bags filling up then releasing to massage pressure points around eyes, temples and forehead.
  • New Eye Massage Techniques: Designed for helping eyes relax especially dry eyes, headaches and eye strains due to overexposure to screens.
  • Note : We do not recommend customers to use eye massage device if they have undergone eye operations or people with eye diseases, etc.